Work Experience

the native web GmbH

Software Engineer & Architect

dkd Internet Service GmbH

Senior Developer + DevOps
  • TYPO3 Integration and Development
  • Frontend Development with Bootstrap3/4 and jQuery
  • Project Infrastructure
  • Contribution to Company Standard Package
  • Node.js Development

dkd Internet Service GmbH

Junior Developer
  • TYPO3 Integration
  • PHP Development
  • Support

CiD GmbH

  • Data Entry
  • C# Development


B. Sc. Computer Science

Goethe University Frankfurt am Main


Kopernikusschule Freigericht



Ortsvorstand Neu-Isenburg


My native language is german. I am also fluent and confident in english.


I am most experienced in JavaScript and TypeScript and work with both daily. In their context I am used to many widely used libraries and frameworks, such as express.js and telegraf. Unfortunately I also have a lot of experience with PHP and TYPO3.

I have theoretical and professional experience in database optimization for relational databases, as well as experience in working with MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, SQLite and Minio.

I have some knowledge of, but no professional experience with, Rust, Haskell, Elixir, Go and Python.

As any hobby developer I have way more experience writing Shell scripts than I would like and have quite a bit of experience in administrating GNU/Linux servers and developer machines.


Since these are the most fundamental building blocks of the frontend, I have years of experience using HTML5 and CSS3, including common strategies to improve accessibility.

After several larger projects I have good experience with React and Redux for web applications, using SCSS or Styled Components for design. Additionally, I am proficient with Next.js and Webpack for project setup, bundle building and page size optimization.

I also have some experience with Vue.js.



I am proficient with Docker and Docker Compose, as well as in general Continuous Integration and Continuous Development techniques. I routinely set up quality assurance and build pipelines in integrated environments such as GitHub or GitLab or with dedicated tools like Jenkins or DroneCI.

I have professional experience in managing Kubernetes clusters with various integrations, such as Prometheus for monitoring, the ELK stack for logging and Velero for backups.

I am proficient in and a strong advocate for JSONSchema as well as OpenAPI3 for API standardization and data validation.

Application Administration

From some technical lead work and private projects I have experience in administrating and interactivng with several applications that are commonly used in development and ops, such as Jira, Nexus3 OSS, DokuWiki, GitHub, GitLab, Gitea, Docker Hub, CircleCI and Jenkins.